Hi, my name is Chelsea Cylinder, and I am the President of Penn Singers Light Opera Company for the 2016 year.

I joined this company the fall of my freshman year. The company was doing Thoroughly Modern Millie, a show that I have always loved. As a huge musical theatre fan, being in that show sounded like a blast, so I auditioned. When I got in, the then-president told me that, not only was I going to be in Millie, but I was going to be in a company with the same group of people for all four years of college! It seemed great, so I decided to stick with it.

Joining Penn Singers was fantastic decision. The people in this company have given me so much support. For example, I will never forget the tech week of our fall 2015 production of Chess, where I had no voice, and every day almost every company member asked me how I was feeling and if I needed anything. This was actually the experience that made me really want to be President, and now I want to try to give back to a company that has made me feel so loved.

I am looking forward to being a positive face for Singers and to working with the Executive Board for the 2016 year to create strong relations with groups outside of it. I am planning to work with the Publicity Managers to advertise our company and our shows both on Penn’s campus and around the Philadelphia theatre area. Philadelphia is a great city for theatre, and I think establishing relationships with the theatre community outside of Penn could be very beneficial in gaining exposure for the company. In addition, I would really like to nourish the relationship between Penn Singers and other student theatre groups. Right now Penn Singers is kind of its own entity, and I would love to have our company interact with other theatre lovers who are not necessarily members of our company, but who could be very interested in spending time with us or in seeing our shows.

I am also planning to focus on two other important objectives for this company: to put on fantastic shows and to have fun. Penn Singers is known for its polished productions. We work with very qualified professional directors who help bring magnificent visions to life on stage. All of our company members are so talented and so dedicated. We work hard, and that shows in our productions. But it also important that we do not lose sight of the fact that this is a company of friends, and we want to have fun. As I mentioned earlier, I value the amount of love and support that I have felt from these Singers, and I want to make sure that the Singers Love continues and that morale is as high as it can be at all times. We are a team, and a great one at that, and I am looking forward to bringing a enthusiastic attitude to rehearsals, meetings, and social events.

I am very excited to serve as President of this great company. If you have any questions about the company (how it works, how to join, etc.) or our shows, please feel free to reach out to me at any time at pennsingers@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

Chelsea Cylinder