Tech Member (Co-VP)

Class of 2020

School: College of Arts & Sciences

Prospective Majors: computer science, Spanish

Hometown: Leola, PA

Why You Joined Singers: I got a strong impression at FPAN and really wanted to work on the show at the time (How to Succeed…). I also had never done light opera before and it seemed fun!

Interests & Hobbies: playing the violin, drawing, music, games, languages, reading

Favorite G&SThe Sorcerer because it was my first G&S show!

Other Penn Activities: Penn Sirens, UPGRADE, doing tech for Disney/PADT

Dream ProductionsHamiltonSweeney ToddGreaseWest Side StoryGypsy

Favorite Newbie Party: The newbie party was a really fun experience!

Fun Fact: I got to ride a camel once when I was a kid!