Tech Member

Class of 2020

School: College of Arts & Sciences

Major: psychology

Minor: neuroscience

Hometown: Springfield, MA

Why You Joined Singers: never was involved in theatre prior and looking back, I regretted that so I’d decided to join a group that was big but also one in which I’d feel like I was making a difference in the final project

Interests & Hobbies: reading, running, carpentry, exploring new places

Favorite G&S: What is Gilbert and Sullivan?

Other Penn Activities: African American Arts Alliance, PennFirst, ActiveMinds

Dream Production: I would love love love to work on the set of Be More Chill. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult a set seeing how it takes place primarily in a high school, but the musical and the book it’s based on have sentimental value to me.

Favorite Experience with Singers: show vote

Fun Fact: Any quarter minted in or before 1964 is worth more than face value because of its silver content. You could own a quarter worth at least 8 times its value!